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The Holistic Approach to Healthy Living

Centrally located in Phoenix, the office of Dr. Luciani applies a holistic approach to healthy living. The uniqueness of his practice is its emphasis on the individual patient as a member of the healing team. Providing a myriad of services ranging from integrative medicine, nutrition supplements, aesthetic and cosmetic treatments (, Dr. Luciani creates a warm, inviting and comfortable environment for all patients.

Our Philosophy of Holistic Treatment

Although symptoms may be similar in several people, they may have different underlying causes. We take a more "holistic" approach to a clinical problem whereby the unique causes of the patient's problem are investigated. This is accomplished by an in-depth evaluation of life events and stressors, a review or lifestyle characteristics and habits, and environmental and/or genetic factors which can contribute to a person's state of disease. The holistic approach is also used in determining the patient's treatment. Several complementary modalities are considered which help the reintegration of the patient's body, mind and spirit.

It is our belief that optimal health can neither be achieved nor maintained unless the "whole" person (body, mind and spirit) is considered in the healing process. We also believe that the patient ultimately heals himself.